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This Veteran, Richard (pictured), hadn’t fished for nearly 50 years before our event. Incredible, right?!

Here is one of the news articles from our Veterans fishing event (It was not an actual “Take a Vet Fishing” event, but that organization is so amazing and well-known that their name kept coming up). It was a great event and we are so grateful for everyone’s efforts and hard work in making it all come together.

Posted: Oct 23, 2016 6:05 PM CDT

Vietnam War vet Richard Martin remembers going fishing up in Wisconsin, when he was a kid.

“I’d get in the boat and get out in the middle of the lake and just sit back and relax,” said Martin. “I really didn’t even care if I caught anything but back then, I did catch a lot of fish.”

But that was more than 50 years ago. So, on Sunday, when he heard about an event called Take A Vet Fishing, he decided to wipe the dust off his pole.

“Today may be the start of my fishing again,” said Martin.

The event was organized by Stacy McCaskill, who created fishwithme.net to help get her mother out of the house and out fishing.

“We’ve got to find you like an Uber for fishing, something like that, something to find you fishing buddies, so you can go out and go fishing more often,” said McCaskill.

But, Sunday’s focus was on veterans.

“We’ve got guys out here that have been on subs, we got guys out here, they’ve traveled the world, they’ve seen and done amazing things,” said event volunteer and veteran Richard Calvette. “It’s fun hearing those stories.”

But, for some vets, recalling those memories can be painful. It’s why organizers say getting vets to talk among each other can be therapeutic.

“There are certain stories that some veterans don’t like to tell, but you get another veteran around and he wants to share that particular story with someone,” add Calvette.

Stories that made this fishing trip a success, even if the fish refused to bite.

Founder Stacy McCaskill is an associate professor at Rock Valley College. Her website fishwithme.net connects fishermen all over the country and she says it soon could expand into Europe.

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